Weird Wedges: the ‘Pole Dancer’ shoe


You know, it gets harder and harder every day to find a good pair of wedges with your standard "naked woman" sculpture on the heel, doesn’t it? Why is that, do you think? Because as far as we can see, this shoe is just totally versatile: not so much a shoe for pole dancers as a shoe that has a pole dancer attached to it. Genuis, no?

We’re particularly liking the way the naked lady who forms the heel of this shoe appears to be writhing orgasmically against her pole. You just don’t see that on shoes every day, do you? And the perspex upper is the perfect finishing touch: in fact, come to think of it, we just bet that if the naked lady was wearing shoes, these are the very shoes she’d be wearing. Our heads hurt now.

These are yours for $175, folks. Do we hear any bids?

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