Wear or Die - The Rules - Fashion Police

What is Wear or Die?

It’s simple: you will be shown two pictures of items of clothing. They will not be pretty. You must wear one of the two items – or die. Here are some rules to help you along…

The Rules

* You may not choose "die" – because that’s just no fun at all now, is it?

* You may not modify or change the items of clothing in any way

* You may not choose to cover the item of clothing up, i.e. wearing a long t-shirt over a particularly ugly pair of shorts, or covering a top with a sweater.

* You MAY, however, choose to accessorise the items as you see fit: for example, adding a belt to a tent-like dress or wearing jeans or leggings under a super-short skirt.

Clear enough? Good! It’s time to play Wear or Die