Would you wear… River Island’s multicoloured feather Mohawk?

River Island feather mohawks

River Island feather mohawk’s, £35

You can always tell festival season is approaching when headgear like this starts to appear on your favourite retail sites, nestled innocently amongst the dresses and shoes you were expecting to see there.

These mohawk hats are from River Island, who we don’t normally associate with “edgy” dressing, but that’s how they’ve described these. They also note that these will help you “ensure your festival style stands out from the crowd,” so at least that provides SOME explanation for their existence. We guess that if we were going to wear something like this, a festival would probably be the place to do it, but the word “edgy” is a good clue that we wouldn’t wear something like this anyway, so we’re not going to feel too sad about not standing out from the crowd.

Would you wear these, though? They’re £35 each, which, although not terribly expensive, is also more than we’d normally pay for what is essentially a “novelty” item, but as we said, we’re not “edgy”, so what would we know?

River Island DO know, though, and they suggest the mohawks would look best if worn with this:



cheetah print vest

and these:

white mom shorts

And that, Fashion Police readers, is why festival season is one of our least favourite times of year, in fashion terms. Why do people feel they have to dress like this, just because they’re going to a festival? Why can’t they just wear the same kind of clothes they’d usually wear, albeit adapted for the mud/weather etc? Why this obsession with looking like a 90s throwback?

Sorry, we got a bit carried away with that one. Tell us: would you wear any of these items – either to a festival, or anywhere else? And if not, what WOULD you wear instead of the feather mohawk and cheetah-print vest?



  • April 23, 2014


    Well, they are colorful! I think festival dressing is rather like Halloween. You get to channel another “vibe” and since there is music involved, it really all goes back to the 70’s. If you are a teen, this would be very adventurous and a change from school uniforms and convention. You get to feel “hip, slick and cool.” Why older people would do this reflects the same mentality as immersing yourself in the 50’s trends. That started as a nostalgic desire for people who were teens then to recapture the teenage years. The 50’s trend in CA and Nevada has reached epic proportions and many really large 50’s festivals exist where you can see people my age (73) wearing prom dresses, petticoats and poodle skirts. I find it grotesque. How do you know when you are old? When what you hated as a teenager has become nostalgia.

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  • April 28, 2014


    Maybe Germans are a bit more dirty-minded than the English-speaking part of the world but here this headgear would inevitably invite the question whether it was your father or your mother who was a chicken.

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