Wear or Die: Psychadelic Jumpsuit edition


 It's often said in our comments section that the Fashion Police "hate" all jumpsuits. We'd just like to take this opportunity to say that this isn't true: we don't actually hate ALL jumpsuits: just the ones that look like this.

(We do hate almost everything that has a swirly, psychedelic kind of print on it, though. That's certainly true.)

With that said, we present the two outfits above as this week's Wear or Die dilemma. Option A comes from Mango, and is £55. Option B is a Topshop creation, which doesn't seem to be available to buy yet, but don't worry, that doesn't stop us offering it to you today.

You know the rules, folks: you must pick one of the above outfits to wear in public, or face certain death. You must wear the outfits as shown above – no covering them up with coats, dresses or other items!

So, which one will you choose?

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