Wear or Die: Pretty in Pink


Pink: it makes the boys wink, apparently. Will they be winking at you in one of these beauties, though, that is the question?  On the left, we have Wet Seal’s ‘Cold Shoulder’ butterfly dress (and before you ask, no, you can’t wear it with jeans, leggings or anything else – you have to wear it the way it’s shown, although we’ll let you choose your own shoes. We’re all heart.) On the right, meanwhile, we have Goddiva’s ‘Kate’ chiffon dress, which is apparently in the style of Kate Middleton. Eh?!

Goddiva say the Kate dress is "perfect for a romantic dinner", so let’s assume that’s what we’re picking outfits for today. So, two pink dresses, two very different styles – but which one will you choose to wear assuming that you must wear one, or die?

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