Wear or Die: Holes


Wear or Die has been on hiatus for a few weeks, but after yesterday’s Porthole Sweater, we couldn’t resist investigating the phenomenon of "clothes with holes" a little further, and after taking these two outfits into custody, well, it was only natural that we’d think to ourselves, "Hey! What if our readers had to wear one of these – or die?"

And so it is that we present you with an difficult choice – choose one of these outfits to wear, or choose death. (But please don’t choose death, because that’s just no fun now, is it?). On the left, a holey dress (no, you can’t wear something underneath it, sorry), and on the right, a pair of holey leggings and a holey top. (And no, you can’t wear anything over them either…).

Both items comes from Cyberdog – but which one would you choose to wear, assuming you HAD to wear one or die?

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