Wear or Die: Denim dresses


This week's edition of Wear of Die – the game where everyone loses – is brought to us, not by some specialist clubwear site, or even by avant-garde designer who thinks it's "creative" to wear your skirt on your head, but from our very own Miss Selfridge. Yes, the store that spawned many a fine Dress of the Day has now turned to the Dark Side, and has been busily churning out denim dresses for the past few weeks. The 80s revival claims another victim!

What if you absolutely HAD to wear one of those denim dresses, though? What if it was that or… death? What if the two dresses above were all that stood between you and the opportunity to meet your maker? That's the hard decision facing you today, readers: faced with the choice of either wearing one of the two dresses above, or dying, which dress would you choose and why? Tell us!

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