Wear or Die: Crocs V. Skechers


We know what you’re thinking. "Why do The Fashion Police hate us?" you’re wondering. "What did we ever do to them that would make them treat us so cruelly, forcing us into a a pair of hideous orange shoes against our will?"

Hush, hush. The Fashion Police don’t hate you: it’s just another game of Wear or Die, and we have to say, we’re curious about this one. Can we persuade you to wear a pair of Crocs by giving you a pair of equally hideous Skechers as your only alternative, we wonder? In other words, which of these shoes would you choose to wear if you had to wear one – or die?

A quick recap of the rules first: you must wear one of the items above or die. As tempting as it may be, death is not an option – because that would just be no fun at all, would it? Tell us your choice by leaving a comment below!

(P.S. – If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, you can click on the image to view them in close-up!)

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