B! I love the B. I don’t think it’s really …

Comment on Wear or Die: Comme des Garcons edition by Niina.

B! I love the B. I don’t think it’s really Little House on the Prairie, the silhouette is post French Revolution.

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Ugly Harem Pants of the Day: Malloni pleat-front pants
I’m actually loving this. Nice summer party look, with strappy sandals and a tank top.

Primark’s Autum 09 Collection: what do you think?
Looks great. I especially like the sequined jacket in the last pic.

Fashion Police Poll: Has the world financial crisis affected your spending on fashion?
My finances have been improving lately so I’m actually spending more. Should they decline, I will economize in utilities and other household expenses first before cutting into my fashion budget. Like they say, it’s all about prioritizing and I put clothes before anything else.

Wear or Die: Acne edition
I think this one is a case of wearing AND dying. But I would still choose the dress. True, you would DIE for the first time you’re wearing it but afterward one can unpick the seams and move the ruffles to the hem. Where they belong. And voila! You have something nice to wear. Except you would have to endure weeks of commenting “how much nicer THIS dress is comparing the another one. You know the one? From the other day? Yeah, the weird one?”

Christina Aguilera gets a “new” look
First of all, she got the look from Lady Gaga, who CAN pull this look off. Christina…Not so much. Maybe Miss Aguilera likes to think herself as a Madonnaesque- style innovator…She should have stuck with the glamourlook. THAT’s a look that suits her. But then again, when we mortals feel like s**t about the way we look, we have celebs like Christina to look and immediately feel better.

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