Wear or Die: Clubwear Edition


Folks, grab your coats – we’re taking you clubbing. Actually, on second thoughts, forget the coats – you see, this is clubbing Wear or Die style, and you wouldn’t want to hide the pretty clothes we’ve got picked out for you, would you?

This week we’ve gone searching through the clubwear section of our cells, and we’ve unearthed these two little beauties for you to try. You may be thinking the item on the left is a dress, but think again: this is actually a jumpsuit, although whether that makes it better or worse is up to you to decide. Decide you must, though, because it’s either wear this, wear the dress next to it – or die. So, what’s it going to be?

(If you’re new to Wear or Die, the rules of the game can be found here)

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