Wear or Die: Cher’s Oscar Fashion Edition


  This week's Wear or Die was inspired by Fashion Police reader Molly, who suggested we force our readers to dress up like Cher – or die.

"Well, why the hell not?" we thought. And so it is that today you find yourselves in the unenviable position of choosing between one of the two Oscar night fashions above. Neither are outfits for the faint-hearted, but what if you HAD to wear one of them – or die? Which one would you choose?

The outfit on the left may look initially more frightening, but the one on the right reveals much more skin. Just to level out the playing field a little, we're going to allow you to ditch the hat/wig/whatever the hell that thing is shown in picture one. Don't say we're not good to you.

What's it going to be, then, readers: which outfit will you wear – or die!

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