Actually, with a little pink crop sweater and some cute …

Comment on Wear or Die: Black or white? by Han.

Actually, with a little pink crop sweater and some cute tights… I’m kinda liking the white one.

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The MET Costume Institute Gala 2009: Ashley Olsen in The Row
I do like it, however, how could you not get stuck staring at Justin Bartha? He’s the real eye-catcher.

Dress of the Day: Marc by Marc Jacobs cut-out polka dot dress
This one is a miss. It’s horribly ugly, would be terribly unflattering on almost anyone, and just plain drab. Also, your taste in fashion is sick, and I hope you choke on a shellfish!
Hahah, just kidding. 🙂 I don’t care for this dress, but just wanted to say I love this blog and most days adore the DotD. Keep it up!

Save or Splurge? Lace ankle boots by Roberto Cavalli and Topshop
I like both– but the looks are different enough that I wouldn’t really say the same thing is going on.

Wear or Die: Footwear edition
This is easy. While the red ones look horribly uncomfortable and really weird, I have long loathed any combination of the primary colors and green. “Look at me! I’m like a sexy kindergarten teacher!” they scream.
I choose the red gladiators.

Office make baskets for the feet
I’m with gokarm and Arielle–I like them. The shape is really pretty. I’d probably pair them with a long, full, swishy skirt and a kind of light flowy top (I’m good with descriptive words, eh?) and take that peasant thing and run with it. Only, not literally.

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