Totally agree on white shirts. The only ones I’ve ever …

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Totally agree on white shirts. The only ones I’ve ever owned were my school uniform, and then later I had one as part of my work uniform. My work uniform didn’t have to consist of a white shirt, I just had to wear stuff from the officewear section of the clothes shop I was working in, but I chose a white shirt one season because hey, they’re a wardrobe essential right? Ten years later it is still in my wardrobe ‘just in case’, despite the fact that I never wear it and would never wear anything that bland to a job interview / anywhere. I’m sure they look non-bland on some people with the right accesories etc. etc. but no, I have absolutely no call for one – in fact after reading this I might finally feel able to chuck it out!

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What are your winter wardrobe essentials?
Opaque tights in any colour really for me. But black leggings (rather than tights) are my absolute essential – as mentioned above – because a lot of my dresses are quite short so sometimes I feel like the extra thickness of leggings is required!

What are your winter wardrobe essentials?
Black leggings. So I can continue to wear dresses when it’s cold. I never wear trousers or jeans so they are essential for me. Plain, wet look, ones with faux leather panelling. Worn most often with brown calf length cowboy boots and a jersey of wool dress. Means no worries about jeans/trousers getting wet and grimy in puddles and dirt, and provided I’m wearing proper thick leggings (not footless tights pretending to be leggings) I can get away with wearing shorter dresses than I would in summer because everything’s properly covered. I honestly don’t know how I coped before leggings came back. They have enabled me to fully wean myself off jeans (which I find uncomfortable on the waist, hard to find a pair that fit well, boring, bulky, horrible to wear in the rain….)

How Short is Too Short? Nicolas Andreas edition
Agreed. It’s not really the shortness that’s the issue for me. I can’t get to considering their shortness because I am blocked by considering how fugly and unflattering they are. Would some denim hotpants that actually fit the model be too short if they were this short? Maybe. I don’t know. I can’t visualise them now thanks to this image. Eyeball bleach please.

Strange Shoes: Upcycled cowboy boots

Crime of Fashion: Matthew Williamson floral jumpsuit
Pairing with those heels adds exponentially to the terribleness. They bring with them a suggestion that one might actually head out to a glamorous event in this thing.

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