I would also add to the list a (short) leather …

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I would also add to the list a (short) leather jacket. I did fall for this one though, because I love how (some) dresses look with a leather jacket on top. But then I realized that if it’s cold enough to need a leather jacket, than I’d really rather wear a jacket that covers my ass too :D.

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Three So-Called Wardrobe Essentials you *DON’T* have to own
Oh, I so agree with you about each item you mention, but most of all about the WHITE SHIRT. I’ve been to numerous job interviews and conducted numerous interviews (I used to work as a recruiter for middle and top positions) and I’ve NEVER felt the need to wear a white shirt!
I think you can look perfectly businesslike AND feminine in a dress – which doesn’t have to be black or a wrap style either. And I’m not fond at all of white clothes – they can get dirty so easily or start looking yellowish and instead of looking “crisp” you run the risk of looking like a slob. Or maybe it’s just me :D.

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Trend Trial | Sheer Stripes
I really like the black skirt too, in fact I think I’ve liked most of the black flared skirts/ dresses with sheer stripes I’ve seen. I’m even thinking about buying one (a dress) myself, so I definitely like the trend!

Dress of the Day | Collectif ‘Regina’ polka flock dress
It’s gorgeous!

Random Roundup | Five colourful winter coats
Great selection, I love them all! Regarding the colour issue, a few years ago I did try to stop wearing dark coloured coats: the thing is, colourful coats look great when buttoned up, but if they’re unbuttoned, your clothes underneath should go with the coat’s colour, otherwise it’s not that attractive, in my opinion. Also, winter is pretty dirty in my country, so light colours are not that practical I’m afraid. I’ll be trying my luck with a camel coat this winter, but my go-to coats remain a navy one and a dark grey & purple one.

Can you wear boots in summer?
I wear boots in summer when it rains or it’s too cold for sandals. However I wear laser-cut knee high boots, not ankle boots – which I’ve noticed are much more popular in the UK – because I don’t find them very flattering (unless you have very long and slim legs).

Cut-Out Crimes: Clothes With Strange Cut-Outs
I’ve realized that I actually DO own an “alternatively cut-out” dress after all; your blog suggested similar posts and among them a style trial one featuring the Aqua Cut-Out Cuckoo Dress – which I own; in red! 🙂 But, even though I’ve had it for a few years, I haven’t worn it yet – not because of the cut-outs (I’ve just checked and they are indeed above my love-handles, in a fat-free area), but because I don’t feel very comfortable in the longer than I’m used to pencil skirt (and I think I should be a few kilos thinner to really do it justice).

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