Another agreement here, particularly on the white shirts as they …

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Another agreement here, particularly on the white shirts as they wash me out. I prefer good quality jersey tops, like those from Jaeger, for anything where I need to be smartly dressed. And I don’t own a wrap or black dress either – the wraps I’ve tried gape open, and I’m short so the V neck almost comes down to my stomach! As you rightly point out, there are so many other options.

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Love your comment, Heidi!

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I agree about the trousers. In fact when I saw the tux-style jacket I was expecting trousers to go with it. Hair and makeup are nice and understated too, desoite the wooden expression.

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The Mail isn’t even worth using as toilet paper. Their meanness, obsession with looks, “post-baby bodies”, “tiny shorts” and all the rest make me think they’re all just a load of middle-aged male pervs.

To LamentingLizzie: the Mail is entertainment for people who like that kind of thing but has nothing whatever to do with news! Perhaps your mum should be told!

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Knickers don’t count as clothes, do they? So you’re still OK with your resolution!

As for me, I’m trying not to buy any shoes. My collection is starvation rations compared to Amber’s amazing range but I still want to get a bit more wear out of those I’ve got.

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You’re clearly not “over” because you’re having fun. And that’s what it’s all about – at 22, 52, 72, 92… and more.Totally agree with your ortho shoes comment. I’m 56 btw and also not “over”! Wouldn’t be seen dead in those shoes though.

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