I am so with you on the white shirt. I …

Comment on Three So-Called Wardrobe Essentials you *DON’T* have to own by Liz Tea Bee.

I am so with you on the white shirt. I don’t look particularly good in white (it makes my face look ruddy) and I’m large chested so they always fit awkwardly.

I think the basic problem with any wardrobe essentials list is that they assume we all have the same lifestyle. When I worked in an office pencil skirts were a key part of my everyday wardrobe. Now I work with kids and pencil skirts are quite impractical for leading reading groups on the floor.

You also touched on how they assume there are universal cuts. I look great in wrap dresses, you look great in trench coats. I’m sure there are women who look great in both but we aren’t them.

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l actually had to have the clerk help me when I got the zipper of a dress stuck half way down. It wasn’t far enough down that I could maneuver out of it but I also couldn’t get the fabric out of the zipper. Fortunately, it wasn’t crowded.

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