Bleach is my friend with the white shirts I own, …

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Bleach is my friend with the white shirts I own, otherwise, they never would make it past the first wear. I’ve never worn white on an interview though. Too plain and not enough personality with a white button up, suit, and black shoes. They’ll remember the turquoise shirt more, but I’m still extraordinarily professional looking.

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Three So-Called Wardrobe Essentials you *DON’T* have to own
Same here. Fall is where the temperature bounces from a high of 100*F to a high of 50*f with seemingly wild abandon, and it lasts a matter of weeks. Because we get so much wind and wild shifts (today is supposed to be a high in the 90s and a low in the low 50s), leather and Gore Tex are just better suited here.

Three So-Called Wardrobe Essentials you *DON’T* have to own
Nude heels- Everywhere I turn, people are saying I need nude heels. I don’t own a pair. First of all, every nude I’ve ever found was too dark for my fish belly white feet. Second of all, I’d look like a freakin’ barefoot Barbie in nude heels. You don’t need them. What they mean is a pair of shoes that’ll go with EVERYTHING you own. For most people that’s the band-aid colors of nude heels that are offered. For me, it’s my knee high black boots.
A trench coat- To be fair, trench coats do look good on most women and are fairly universally loved. I’ve never found one that didn’t swallow me whole. A classic trench coat (double breasted, etc) is my worst enemy, because it hides my shape. I tend to go for a long leather jacket where most women would reach for the trench: less material and more fitted. Point being, the trench is not everyone’s friend. Find the style that is your friend for foul weather.

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