Dark wash skinny jeans, 3 basic tank tops in white, …

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Dark wash skinny jeans, 3 basic tank tops in white, black and red – I wear them almost all year long under everything, brown large (fake) leather bag, several t-shirts, an oxford shirt, couple of cardigans in different colours, navy blazer, one pair of closed toe wedges and a pair of tennis shoes (presuming my underwear dresser escaped unharmed, that is). I guess I could live with these for up to 1-2 months before the paycheck arrives!

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Well I have always found vertical stripes to be much more unflattering than horizontal stripes.. Where did that come from anyway?

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Hillarious! Great article, I am the typical lazy girl when it comes to fashion trends so this is exactly how I’m gonna wear them.

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Seriously want this dress!

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The weird shoes are not helping.

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Love it.

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