1. Jeans – Boyfriend cropped distressed wash blue jeans. I’m …

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1. Jeans – Boyfriend cropped distressed wash blue jeans. I’m wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs Jessie at the moment and I love them so, I’d probably trawl the sales to find another pair. Black skinny Jeans, Lot78 brand, hate to sound boring but its because they keep their colour. 2 Activewear – When did gym stuff get designer? I’d replace my 10 year old boring gym pants/tops with the funky Stella McCartney in a flash. 3. Tees – classic and long-sleeved crew neck tees in white/black and another colour from Petit Bateau. They get softer and better every time they’re washed. 4. Navy cropped cigarette trousers. Mine are from Mary Portas, UK made and cut beautifully. I don’t think there is a version in her collection this year, so these would be the hardest item to replace. Raoul usually have beautifully tailored trousers, so I might start there. 5. Silk shirt. I wear Tucker but I don’t fancy the prints this year, so I’d replace with a Hermoine de Paula silk vest, If money was no object then it would be the Belstaff silk blouse, but I can’t even afford one in the sale, even at 70% off, so, yeah, time to move on..6. A mini kilt – I know, weird, but I love them. 7. Dresses – Jersey Twist short sleeved from Helmut Lang. Particularly partial to the oxide print. Silk summer dress, my current one is from Draw in Light and quite short, so I might go all Issa and maxi for a change. 8. Finally a grey short sleeved cashmere crew-neck jumper from Gap, because I’m British and programmed to believe that the current glorious weather is not set to last!

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Prada’s ‘fake leg’ boots are now available at Yoox.com
OK, so I actually *am* a prosthetic wearer and can I just say, my artificial leg is no where near as ugly looking as those boots. Shame because if I did lose all sense of taste and proportion I guess my artificial leg erm, would be wearing an artificial leg, which appeals on some kind of level.

Not Your Average Sweaters
Jumpers are so difficult for me to get right, though. Anybody else here curvy? Any tips? Chunky or boyfriend makes me look two sizes bigger. Anything that fits the waist is stretched to capacity in the old chesticle department. High necked gives me uniboob and feeling like force-meat in a sausage skin. Everything else makes me hot/sweaty/itchy. I end up wearing an awful lot of cardigans instead. Sigh

Crime of Fashion? Ripped knee jeans take over
Ripped anything is not my style (too OCD), but Joe Newman was wearing a pair of these during the alt-j concert in Manchester on Friday and looked rather dashing. True his kneecaps seemed to be smiling as he bounced with the beat, but with DM’s and a longish t I thought it worked.

Fashion Crime Friday | Body Parts, and other crimes of fashion
See now,let this be a lesson. I forwarded this page link to my husband in a “OMG have you seen this swimsuit horror?”, sort-of-a-way, little thinking that he would actually want his wife spilling her guts poolside. But here I am, 3 weeks later with the damn suit hanging off the end of my bedpost in all its eviscerated glory. If I wear it, I might be kicked out of Rhyl Leisure Centre. If I don’t he’ll be upset. Guys, any suggestions?

Fashion Crime Friday | Tie dress, tie pants and other crimes of fashion
As someone who’s been wandering about in Westwood Anglomania kung fu trousers all weekend, I feel morally obliged to say I quite like the wrap trousers pictured here. That said, the rest is horrendous. Well done.

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