1. Jeans, because… well, because it’s jeans. 2. Navy trouser …

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1. Jeans, because… well, because it’s jeans. 2. Navy trouser suit with fitted blazer – as a suit it’s great for formal occasions, if split it would give me several more outfits and it can very easily be dressed up or down. 3. Simple pencil or A-line dress that sits just below the knee (quite likely in subtle animal print) 4. Maxi shirt dress – very comfy and easy to wear, 5. Floral chiffon blouse to add a bit of colour 6. Couple of cardigans in various colours 7. Middle heeled court shoes (comfortable yet versatile) 8. Tights 9. Coat – let’s be frank, we DO live in Britain and for at least 6 months a year a good coat is what we mostly wear…

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Trends on Trial | Baggy Trousers
I quite like the trousers in the first picture. They combine the drapeyness of a maxi skirt with the obvious advantages of trousers. Not all the people have figures that allow them to wear skinnies, wider fit is the welcome alternative. However, I’m really not sure I’d ever wear any of the rest of featured trousers except as a loungewear.

Do larger mannequins make you feel better about your figure?
I wouldn’t say larger size mannequins would make me feel better about myself, but certainly they would offer an alternative. Seeing how clothes will actually look on me could perhaps motivate me to buy them (or, in some cases, stay away). I say yey to Debenhams and yes to diversity!

Online shopping and why we love it
See, Amber, that is the thing … I am not sure where I shove it – it is a double stroller and the front is so far from me I can never be sure if I don’t accidentally just “brush”it of someone’s legs 🙂 And because I am generally a nice person and don’t like to create conflict, I rather stay at home and shop online. Better for me and for fellow shoppers 😉

Online shopping and why we love it
I have recently become huge fan of online shopping, mainly because now I fall into category of stroller-shover, as you call it 🙂 It is stressful to shop with two kids and almost impossible to try anything on, which makes it almost equal to shopping via internet. I also find it more exciting to look for bargains in the comfort of my home. And the enjoyment of receiving new stuff at your doorstep is like getting a present. I like to pretend it wasn’t me who paid for it 😉

woodland print dress
I would wear it, no doubt… I don’t mind graphics and also I dress more modestly so for me this is almost a perfect garment 🙂 I can imagine it accessorized with red handbag. I think it would look better in dressed down version!

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