Wanted! Gucci’s mirror high heel sandals

black Gucci shoes

Now, be warned here, folks. Apparently demand for these Gucci mirror sandals has been so high that Saks Fifth Avenue are limiting customers to no more than three pairs per month. Wait… there are actually people out there who are buying more than three pairs of these in a month? And then going back and buying more? Well, all I can say is that those people clearly have more money than sense me, because at $850 a pop, Saks have absolutely no worries AT ALL about me breaking that number restriction. No sir.

That said, I can see why people would want to snap them up. (I can also see how people would snap their ankles in them, but hey, they’re not made for comfort are they?). These are the kind of shoes that  fall into the "work of art" category. They look almost too good to wear – and definitely too good too reflective to wear with a dress, I think. Mirror-eye view of your knickers, anyone?

I still want them, though.

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