Wanted! Faith’s pink ‘Lucius’ bow front strappy sandals


These lovely pink sandals from Faith have been on my "wanted" list for – ooh, about six months now. Which just goes to show that sometimes it pays to wait, because while they were originally £50, they’re now down to £30 in the sale. Or, maybe it doesn’t pay to wait, actually, because while they were available in every size imaginable, there now seems to be only a few sizes left, and mine isn’t one of them. Sucks to be me, no?

I originally found these in ivory, in the bridal section, but they’re also available in pink and black, too. Hopefully you’ll have better luck with them than I have…

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Wanted! Faith’s pink ‘Collinda’ court shoes


I’m a sucker for bows. Seriously, stick a bow on just about anything and I’ll want to buy it. Which is why I almost wet myself with excitement when I saw these ‘Collinda’ courts from Faith. Because, not only are these in my very favourite "bow toed courts" style, they are also pink. And pointy! And…. AND… they have little love hearts punched into the leather. They are, in fact, so sweet that I’m almost making myself sick just looking at them. Sick, I tell you. The price makes me feel a little bit sick too, mind you: £80 for a high street shoe? Oh, go on then…

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