Wanted Wednesday | H&M Trenchcoat

H&M trenchcoat

H&M trenchcoat, £69.99

At this time of year, as summer fades to fall (or starts to, anyway) trench coats are as ubiquitous as pumpkin spiced lattes and fashion bloggers gushing about how autumn is their favourite season. Why are we showing you this one, then? It’s not as if you need any help tracking down a trench coat right now, is it?

We’re showing you this one, because it’s a little bit special: so much so, in fact, that we were really surprised to find out it was from good ol’ H&M. With its deep yoke and full skirt, this has the look of a much more expensive brand, and while it’s certainly true that the price is a little higher than we’d generally expect from H&M, we’re going to cross all of our fingers and toes, and hope that the quality justifies the price tag. The fact that this is sold out online in beige (it’s still available in some sizes in black, however) gives us reason to believe that hope might not be in vain, but if you’d like to find out for yourself, you can either have a look for it in store, or simply do what we normally do in these situations: bookmark the page, and go back and check it every so often – you might just get lucky.

You also might just look like a female Sherlock Holmes in it if you’re not careful, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.



  • August 22, 2013


    Do not like! It looks like a small jacket worn over a coat, or over a dress to me. It’s as baffling as a jumper with a shirt collar sewn into it.

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  • September 7, 2013

    La Fate

    I bought the black version from H&M today. I’m quite petite, so it is pretty long on me, but I love it. The size 6 doesn’t feel quite as small as it should, but seeing as I wanted it quite flowy, it works well for me.

    (Wish they had this colour you posted in stock though!).

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