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Wanted Wednesday from The Fashion Police

For this week’s Wanted Wednesday, we’re taking a look at the Boden Autumn/Winter collection: and no, we’re not being sponsored by them – a quick browse of the website ended up with us being sucked in for long enough to fill up our basket with a bit of a Fantasy Shop, so we figured that was a good enough sign to feature them.

These items may not be the most exciting or stand-out pieces you’ll ever find, but the approaching autumn has us thinking about stocking up on basics, and Boden have those well and truly covered. In fact, in one of those “you must buy your entire winter wardrobe from one store” conundrums, we reckon we could probably hit up their website and walk away with a selection of classic pieces that never go out of style. For instance…

The little black (or red, or green…) dress

Boden Libby dress in black

Boden 'Libby' dress in red and green

Boden ‘Libby’ dress, £69

We don’t for a second believe that every woman “needs” a little black dress, but on a purely personal basis, we wouldn’t like to live without a simple, block-colour dress that can be dressed up or down as required. Boden’s ‘Libby’ is just such a dress, and it comes in a great range of colours, too.

2. The skinny black pants

skinny pants by Boden

Skinny black pants, £59

One of our Closet Heroes, these skinny black pants have some detailing on the seams to give them a more “urban” feel. Apparently.

3. The Pointed Slingbacks


Pointed slingbacks, £79

We’re aware that there’s already a fair bit of black in this selection, but these are the kind of shoes it’s hard to go wrong with. Well, if they were good enough for the likes of Audrey Hepburn…

4. A selection of sweaters

Boden knitwear

When you live in a cold climate, you just can’t have too many sweaters/long-sleeved tops. Ideally, we’d want a closet full of every colour and print under the sun (Well, maybe not this print, now we come to think of it…), but these three would do for starters. Then the rest

What do you think of Boden? Ever shopped there?

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