Wanted Wednesday | Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt

Anthopologie isn’t a brand we feature nearly often enough here on TFP. It’s not that we don’t like it: far from it, in fact. But as much as we love some of Anthropologie’s products, we often find them just a little bit overpriced, and so, rather than taunt ourselves with things we can’t actually afford, we have a bad habit of ignoring it altogether.

We’re making an exception for the Emeline skirt, though:

Anthropologie Emeline tulle skirt

Anrthropologie ‘Emeline’ tulle skirt, £128

Now, this is tulle. It’s cream. And even although full skirts are very much in fashion this year, it’s definitely not the kind of thing that you’d  find yourself wearing every day, or even every week. Well, not unless you were Carrie Bradshaw, that is. It has that kind of feel about it.

If you’re willing to overlook these small, but important, points, however, we think this skirt could be all kinds of awesome. We probably wouldn’t wear it with THOSE shoes, of course, but we’ve always been complete suckers for items of clothing which could have the word “fairytale” applied to them, and we think this is definitely a “fairytale” skirt. It’s full, it’s flouncy, it’s delicate and diaphanous… we could go on, but we think you get the picture. (Oh, and at £128, it’s not exactly cheap, but not exactly the most expensive item we’ve ever shown you either.)

This would be perfect for a special occasion, but if you want to try to dress it down, it wouldn’t be impossible: hard, yes, but not impossible. We think it would look really cute with a simple sweater and a pair of flats, for instance, and although that still wouldn’t make it “casual”, well, we’ve always reckoned “casual” is over-rated anyway….

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