Wanted: Tory Burch Embossed Turquoise Patent Coin Purse

Our sirens start blaring whenever we see a hot turquoise item this spring! This Tory Burch embossed turquoise patent coin purse, $95, is a great way to add a splash of the trendy color to any outfit. It would also make a great transitional item, adding a bit of summer style to your look even though it doesn’t seem to be very summery either in the UK or Northeastern US right now! (That’s right, our squad has gone international!)

We are sometimes suspect of logo-stamped items, but the way the famous TB logo is subtly embossed here helps it avoid a tacky charge. It’s small size is also convenient for the summer and holidays when you just want to carry some cash to the pool or beach.

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  • August 17, 2010


    I’ve gawt that purse – soooo kuh-yute, right?

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