Wanted! Sergio Rossi’s silver and black peep toe slingback shoes


There’s just one thing stopping me from loving these Sergio Rossi heels unreservedly, and it’s the shape of that peep-toe. Rather than curving towards the vamp, to show off a little bit of toe cleavage, it seems to just stop dead at the end of the shoe, so it looks like the ends of your toes would be exposed to the elements, but wouldn’t be actually on show, if you see what I mean. And don’t ask me why, but for some reason it reminds me of the end of an elephant’s trunk…

Peep toe aside, I love everything else about these, but particularly the curved leather embellishment on the toe, which makes a nice change from the standard bow so many shoe designers choose to use. I’m a big fan of silver shoes, finding them more versatile than black, so the colour appeals, too. The only thing that doesn’t appeal is the price – $588 at Zappos.

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