Wanted! River Island’s patent and suede mix long gloves


I’m a big fan of bracelet-length sleeves on coats and jackets, but they’re not much use when it’s freezing, so I’m currently on the lookout for a great pair of long gloves to wear with all of my bracelet-length outerwear. This pair from River Island is the first to catch my eye: the mix of patent and suede looks rather glamorous in this picture, but I can’t help but wonder if all that black patent might look a little too "Darth Vader" in person. Anyway, Look loves them (apparently), The Fashion Police loves them (they think), but do you love them?

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Wanted! River Island’s tan leather buckle bag


River Island sometimes get a bit of a bum rap from people, who normally criticise them for being filled to the brim with tacky, "sparkly" clothes. I don’t really get this criticism. Sure, they have been known to cause the odd "what the hell is that?!" moment, but they  make  good quality  basics, the best  jeans in town (I would have been lost this summer without my River Island black skinnies), some fabulous shoes , and high quality leather handbags at reasonably affordable prices. What’s not to like?

A case in point is this tan leather shoulder bag which they’re currently selling for £59.99. OK, it’s taken a bit of a beating with the "designer inspired" stick, but not so much that people will point and laugh, and it’s the kind of handbag that will go with everything and be part of your life for years to come. I wonder why they haven’t stuck one of their little "Love this!" badges on it?

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