Wanted! Marc by Marc Jacobs wool thermal tunic for winter

MarcjacobsthermaltunicYes, yes, I know what I’ve said about tunics in the past, and no, I’m not changing my mind. Not completely, anyway. I still think tunics have the power to make even the slimmest woman look pregnant, but I can’t help being drawn to this thermal version courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

It’s partly the little bow that’s doing it (y’all know by now how I feel about bows) but it’s also the fact that it’s thermal. Remember my "I’m always freezing, even in summertime?" problem? Well, I’m thinking that thermal clothing could be a good way around that, and while a thermal tunic could just mean that I done lost my mind, I’m going to bookmark it anyway. Could be a hard winter, folks, you never know.

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