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Style on Trial: Leopard print top by Sara Berman

Leopard_print_topNow, we know some of you are going to be seriously questioning our sanity with this one, and trust us, we’re just as surprised as you are to find ourselves lusting after this Sara Berman top. We are, after all, always banging on about how we’ll wear animal print on shoes and accessories and nothing else, but we just can’t help but want to make an exception for this, with it’s Peter Pan collar, puff sleeves and bow. It has a fab, retro feel to it, and we think it could look fabulous worn with a pencil skirt or pair of skinny jeans. The quiff this model is wearing is just the perfect finishing touch, too.

We have a feeling this is going to be a controversial one, purely because of the animal print, which we know many of you feel shouldn’t appear on anything, under any circumstances, which is why we’re putting it On Trial. What do you think, readers: are you willing to make an exception for this top, or is it still a crime of fashion?

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