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Save or Splurge: long leather gloves from River Island and Marni


There is absolutely no doubt in The Fashion Police’s minds that the Marni gloves on the right of the picture above are by far the nicer of the two. They’re longer, they’re leaner, they have that “gauntlet” look about them that would allow you to dress up in them and pretend you were attending the court of Charles II (or someone), and they’re just all round gorgeous, aren’t they?

But they’re £355.

Are they £355 of gorgeous? Well, considering you can buy a pair of long leather gloves from River Island for a mere £24.99, and that £330.01 (don’t forget the penny!) could be put to very good use indeed round these parts, on something other than a pair of gloves, you can probably guess what our answer to that question is going to be. What about you, though? Are gloves the kind of items you’re willing to invest £355 in, or do you prefer to just throw £24.99 at your chilly hands and be done with it? Would you save or splurge?

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