I was thinking Christmas accessories from Claire’s.. …

Comment on Wanted: Kate Spade New York ‘All Wrapped Up’ bow cuff and pendant by Amee.

I was thinking Christmas accessories from Claire’s..

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Citizen’s Arrest: When Are Shorts Too Short?
I’m a giant prude, so I firmly believe in If your fingertips are longer than the hemline, too short.

When Maxi Dresses Go Wrong
I’ll be the odd one out-I love it. But I love Edwardian style clothing, so there it is. I couldn’t wear it, mind you-I’m far to short for something like this. But I like it on her.

Designer Vs High Street: White tuxedo blazers
I’d love the Penney’s one in black. In white, they look way too waitery.

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume 2011: The Body
Thats fantastic.

POLL: What’s your favourite fashion season?
I like spring/summer. Where I am, it hits 8c in early october, then cheerfully plumments to -20c, and flirts with -30-40c. So my clothes aren’t really a priority when it’s freezing like that.

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