Wanted! Fleur T swimwear from Topshop


 As you may well have guessed, The Fashion Police have been spending a lot of time thinking about swimwear recently. Well, it gives us something to do while the wind howls around the HQ and the rain pours down.

Last summer, the high-waisted bikini brief made a welcome return to the swimwear scene, and we're pleased to see there are still some around this year, too. As well as being a little less revealing, and therefore more comfortable, than some of their low-riding counterparts, these also have a nice "Bathing Belle" kind of feel to them, and being the unashamed retro lovers we are, that has a lot of appeal.

This navy polka dot bikini is by Fleur T, and is currently available at Topshop. The bad news, however, is that it doesn't come cheap: £60 for the bottoms and £70 for the top, although there are some other, slightly cheaper cuts available too.

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