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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for us to show you a completely random selection of fashion items which we want to buy right now… but probably won’t, because they’re mostly hideously expensive. Well, we can dream, can’t we? And seeing as we’re dreaming, we may as well start off with this Roksnada Ilincic dress, which is a snip at just $1,510:

black and green wiggle dress

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It’s not cheap, and we don’t normally go for combinations of black n’ brights, but this dress is so beautifully cut, and so full of film noir-style drama that we’re willing to let it pass.

Here’s something else we don’t normally go for:

polka dot skater dress

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It’s Stuck-Together-Clothes, y’all. We normally have zero tolerance for Stuck Together Clothes, but even although this is a dress pretending to be a skirt and top, and even although we’d PREFER it to be an ACTUAL skirt and top (So much more versatile to be able to wear them both with other items, no?), we’re not even going to pretend we don’t love the full skirt and polka dots, because we do. So there.

Next up is this little Zara necklace, which is £29.99:

Zara flower necklace

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We don’t normally pay much attention to Zara’s jewellery selection – we’re normally too busy wondering just how on earth they managed to persuade all those fashion bloggers to buy THAT skort – but this caught our eye, and we thought it was very pretty, especially for that kind of price-point.

Finally, it’s much too warm to be thinking about coats right now, but when we DO start thinking about coats, we’ll probably be thinking a lot about this stripe one from Oasis, who can do no wrong at the moment, as far as we’re concerned:

monochrome stripe coat

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At £72, this is probably more of an Autumn piece than a Winter one: we doubt it’ll be warm enough to see you through the darkest days of the winter, but it’d make a nice change from the ubiquitous trench coat when September rolls around.

What do you want this Wednesday?

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