Vogue asks: ‘Are sock boots the new shoe trend?’ Fashion Police answer, ‘We hope to hell not’


We’ve made our feelings on the thorny issue of boots that pretend to be socks many times now, but given that the designers will persist on churning the things out, we’re starting to feel a little bit like lone voices, calling in the wilderness. Calling, "Oh God, no, please, not the freaking SOCK BOOTS again."

So when Vogue posed the important question, "Sock boots: the new shoe trend?" we couldn’t help but pipe up yet again to say, "Oh, hell to the no!"

To be fair, these shoes/boots/socks/crimes aren’t so much boots-pretending-to-be-socks as they actually ARE socks, with a stiletto heel stuck onto them. They’re FALKE socks, to be exact, and they were shown at Paris Fashion Week as part of the Hussein Chalayan show.

How do we feel about this, fashion fans? Are we ready to let sock boots into our lives, or are we still happy to slam the door in their soles?

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