I agree that the colors clash a bit. they are …

Comment on Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon shoes available in four new colours by Becky.

I agree that the colors clash a bit. they are original, but 149 dollars for plastic? I think the reason that they might be so expensive is because Vivienne Westwood is a well-known designer so theat raises the price a bit. Over all, these shoes would be a waste of money because I have no clue what I would wear plastic shoes with!

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at the same time… sometimes a bit of a dropped crotch ( okay definitely not this much) is a good thing, with the whole “leggings as pants” thing… if you catch my drift, lol. I’ve even seen spandex as pants at my school/

[Guest Post] Fashion on a Budget: Why is it so hard?
I’m in high school, and so many of my friends love WetSeal and Forever 21, yet whenever I go in to either of the stores I am not as impressed. The stores are huge and overwhelming, and the material is so cheap! Half of the stuff at the store is overdone (like this ‘Sublimination’ thing). I have a small frame (okay, fine I’m really short) and the stuff just makes me look wide and frumpy. It is not designed to fit well! I also have a limit on my budget, but usually I go to H&M. Sometimes its hard to find something cheap and chic there, but they have a lot of good deals. Also, thrift stores are great too.

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The Wild Child Leggings by Wildfox. For non-wild adults.
oh and 92 dollars??!! I can get a pair of cheap white leggings and write “Wild Child” on them, and they would be cuter and cheaper! LOL

The Wild Child Leggings by Wildfox. For non-wild adults.
Yeah, also I’ve seen plenty of “Wilder” leggings…a true “Wild Child” would probably wear sequined, print, liquid, metallic or neon leggings… not plain white. The font isn’t very good either.

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