Umm…i’ve always not liked these…they are ugly, but kind of …

Comment on Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon shoes available in four new colours by Frankie.

umm…i’ve always not liked these…they are ugly, but kind of interesting…cute?

I don’t know, they look SO uncomfortable and look cheap. $2 cheap. they are PLASTIC!!! so…bin em.

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Jeremy Scott takes inspiration from The Flintstones: what do you think?
hmmm, its strangely cute…I see myself wearing that pink cropped tee or the leather jacket. I kinda like the bag and the pink and purple dresses. the orange skirt is pretty cute and I would wear the pink jacket if only to be random. but as for the prices no way.

And the shirt “your cave or mine?” that is epic!

Daylight Robbery? Roberto Cavalli fur earmuffs
One word: WHAT!? ok, I like earmuffs, they’re cute, but using real fur… :*( DISLIKE

Fashion Police at the ‘Glee’ Spring series premiere party
I think Amber Riley’s outfit is the cutest! Although…It REALLY REALLY does not suit her shape at all.

Best Dressed is the simple, but elegant enough for an awards night is Jessalyn Gilsig! its cute, and not over the top and it suits her!

Naya Rivera is also nicely dressed

WORST dressed imo would be…Lea Michele. it just does not work! its 2 sizes too big…i don’t know, i just dont like it…

Daylight Robbery? Alberta Ferretti sheer silk chiffon dress
uhm…wear that nighty/lining thingy in public? no thanks! and she’s basically selling something worth $10 for 1000. whoever buys this should seriously reconsider their priorities! YOU COULD MAE ONE YOURSELF! my 5 year old niece could put that together! what a shame.

I still love Alberta Ferretti and believe it must have been a dare or something…or a bad day…or maybe feretti just wanted to see if anyone would buy something so depressing as that, just because of the label, or if anyone had taste in clothing that bad…

Opening Ceremony’s take on the “skort” (Skirt/short)
it’s for “easy access” BAHAHA

oh gosh, why pay so much for that rag that does nothing!? may as well go out in your undies!

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