I can’t help but think that the price is a …

Comment on Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon shoes available in four new colours by Megan.

I can’t help but think that the price is a bit steep for plastic, and that the color choices are a bit off.
Why not black and white? Black and red? The color combinations scream “little girl playing dress up” instead of high fashion to me.

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I love the color of the green Monroe, but I have to agree that the cut is very schoolteacher/60’s housewife. Not a great look for gals with wide shoulders like myself. I’m a fan of the black wiggle dress, the rose corsage dress, and the red Bonita. To me they all look seductive and classy in a pinup girl kind of way.

The silk-blend asymmetric looks like a sheet draped over a mannequin. I cannot fathom that looking at all flattering on a real woman.

Gian Marco Lorenzi’s super-high platform shoes give Fashion Police vertigo
Don’t get me wrong, as a short woman I adore platforms, but I feel like walking in these would be anything but sexy unless you are very used to dangerous stilettos. Seems like a lot to pay for the pleasure of broken ankles and a lifetime of humiliation when you fall off these in public.

Lady Gaga at the 13th Annual 2009 ACE Awards: a timely warning against sequin knickers
Rose has a point, what IS all over her outfit? Perhaps she was baking cookies in this ensemble?

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