Fashion Pet Peeves: visible pockets

PocketsBelieve it or not, our main beef with these pants isn’t the fact that they’re baggy, cuffed and have the suspicion of a dropped crotch. Well, OK, it kind of is, to be completely honest, but we’ve mentioned these things enough now that you can take it as read that we’ll hate them.

No, this time we want to take issue with a more minor transgression, which is nevertheless a pet peeve of ours: white pants with visible pockets. And we don’t mean “visible pockets” in the way that most pockets are visible: we mean that horrible situation illustrate above where the lining of your pockets is visible through the thin material of your pants. It instantly cheapens whatever it is you’re wearing (and when the pants in question cost 260 euros, “cheap” probably isn’t a word you’ll want associated with them), and trust us: if we can see the linings of your pockets, we’re going to be able to see your underwear, too. Or your lack of underwear, as the case may be.

Oh yeah, and they’re baggy, cuffed, drop crotch pants. We rest our case.

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