Talk about a visible panty line…


Sometimes policing the world of fashion is a thankless task. Seriously, here we are, working our little (fully clothed) butts off in order to rid the world of VPL, one thong at a time, and then Scrupoli come along and create a dress that pretty much IS a visible panty line. And, of course, we would have said this model was committing the "visible bra straps" crime, too, but whoops, she isn’t actually wearing a bra, is she? Well, we guess that’s one way of getting around the whole "visible lingerie" dilemma that a dress like this poses, no?

Don’t try this one at home, kids – no, not even if you do happen to have a spare £189 burning a hole in your pocket and you’d like to spend it on the Emperor’s new clothes, here.


  • April 21, 2008


    It’s not even so much of a shress, but more like a sheer apron, even.

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  • April 21, 2008


  • October 29, 2008


    I just don’t get it! “Modern women” freak out about Granny Panties showing, but their bras are sticking out all over the place…
    If you don’t wear a thong your a loser, it’s ridicules!

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  • April 14, 2009


    If you’ve got the body flaunt it!

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  • May 6, 2009


    This is nothing more than a fancy under-slip being shown as outerwear. It liiks nice but hides Nothing !

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