Victoria Beckham wins Glamour’s Woman of the Year Award, is still a fashion criminal


Yeah, OK Victoria, we’ve noticed that your body is looking particularly toned these days. Why, I bet you could almost get your hands to meet around that teeny, tiny waist of yours! But seriously, Vic: that’s no reason to forget to wear your pants. And yes, I KNOW that technically you ARE wearing pants – there’s a little pair of sequined Gucci hotpants peeking out of the bottom of your corset, there, but we can hardly see them, so they don’t really count.

The tragedy of this is that this outfit could totally have been saved if she’d just worn a skirt rather than the hotpants. A slim, clingy pencil skirt would still have allowed her to show off her figure, without making her look like she’s been taking fashion notes from Sienna Miller.

Also, Posh? Ditch the Michael Jackson gloves. Just sayin’…

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