At first sight I honestly thought that it was a …

Comment on Victoria Beckham’s latest ad for Marc Jacobs: not quite as cute as the last ones… by Helen.

At first sight I honestly thought that it was a black woman. Only then I realized that the model was in fact Victoria Beckham who has apparently fallen asleep in the tanning bed.

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My vote is also for B. It just looks … edgier somehow.

Victoria Beckham loves fur – but don’t worry, it’s fake…
I think she looks quite marvellous. But even faux fur can get you in trouble if it’s too lifelike. Recently I was accosted by some guys in the street who asked me in quite a threatening manner if my coat was real fur. I said no, somewhat shocked, but they had to touch my coat before they believed it wasn’t real and left me alone. I have been a bit hesitant to wear that coat since then, even though it’s really cute.

Where would you wear a pink feather mini skirt? WHERE?
I recently saw a barmaid (in Berlin) wearing something alarmingly similar to this … It wasn’t a pretty sight.

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