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Victoria Beckham wants to join The Fashion Police*


We're pretty sure Victoria Beckham is angling for a position on the Force. How do we know this? Well, it's obvious, just look at her: first she dresses up as an undercover detective (right), and now here she is wearing a military-style coat and hat. (Yes, we know we're not strictly military, but we are fighting a war against fashion here…)

Well, Victoria, we can't deny that we've been fairly impressed with you recently, but the double-breasted coat is taking us back to the 80s, and that's not a destination we paid for. Also, the hat makes us think of Freddie Mercury, and not in a good way, so we've never include it as part of the police uniform – it would totally mess up up our hair.

Hmm. We'll keep your CV on file, and we happen to need a new recruit, we'll be in touch. Maybe.

* Not strictly true

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