The boots just look stupid and cheap. The dress is …

Comment on Victoria Beckham spotted in Antonio Berardi heel-less boots by edith.

the boots just look stupid and cheap. The dress is OK, it’s what I expect from VB anyway and the neckline is very nice. VB’s style is very predictable.

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It’s sold out. Clearly someone really likes it

Wear or Die: The Wrong Trousers
wouldn’t mind wearing either of them, for fun. I don’t think that anyone would take me seriously, so I could enjoy being a “fashion freak” in a lighthearted way

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Has anyone actually tried on shoes with split toes? How does it feel?

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I actually have the same ladybird brooch but in a turquoise colour. I bought it in a market (in London) and haven’t seen it anywhere else. I like it a lot and wear it on my hat or on my cashmere sweater.

Fashion Police Poll: Are you a fashion snob?
I second Eliza’s comment. It is spooky because it’s what I wanted to write!
I am a fashion snob, and I would rather buy 1 designer that 5 throw away fashion items. I don’t spend a lot because I buy from consignment stores, charity shops and frequent the sales. I find that high end clothing fits me better and the fabric is nicer. I hate when I see a very nice piece of clothing on someone but the fabric is ugly and makes it look cheap. Also, once I tried cashmere I never looked back…
The other thing is that I have never ever saw anybody wearing the same designer clothing that I have. On the other hand, years ago, I really got bored with my otherwise nice Mango coat when I saw others wearing it.

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