I actually like this look on Vicks, but I’m not …

Comment on Victoria Beckham spotted in Antonio Berardi heel-less boots by Ma’at.

I actually like this look on Vicks, but I’m not feeling David, his suit is the fashion crime here… give him a citation.

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Two words: Fetish Gear….. that said I bet Beyonce buys a pair… I mean she did rock the Lego Shoes

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I’m with all the other ladies here. Most definitely going for the leggings… I could actually wear them with a cute black skirt, turtleneck and black boots and make it look fly.

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hmmm I mean she might wear it on her head, after all she did wear the green bird,umbrella hat thing.

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Ugly bathing suit cover up?

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Two words: Colored Tights. I don’t know about in the UK but here in the Southern U.S. there was a trend of clear trainers (for males) and they’d wear colored socks so that the trainers always appeared to match their “fits”. Perhaps these atrocious boots exist based on the same principle?

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