Hate hate hate them! She looks like a big-footed …

Comment on Victoria Beckham spotted in Antonio Berardi heel-less boots by Anna.

Hate hate hate them! She looks like a big-footed alien.

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Crocs: the biggest fashion crime of 2008 – official!
YAY! Finally people are coming to their senses…I hope? Crocs are by far the worst fashion crime of 2008.

Crocs Mammoth: now in leopard print
NO! Crocs are never okay in my book, especially in this ghastly style!

Fraud Squad: Alloy V. Ugg
Not a fan of Uggs, but I have to say that the Ugg version looks higher-quality, imho. Still wouldn’t buy either pair!

Impostor Alert! Yet another “socks pretending to be shoes” crime
This HAS to be a joke…right? Oh, you mean someone ACTUALLY thought these would be a hit?! *sigh* there’s no hope for some people…

Matalan get glitzy with their Christmas shoe collection 2008
Nice! I am a fan of glitter and sequins at this time of year for sure!

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