Classic Crimes of Fashion: Victoria Beckham in chaps

Victoriabeckhamfashion I can’t actually remember seeing this picture the first time round, whenever that was (I’m guessing by the hair that it was a couple of years ago at least) so I’m assuming my mind has simply repressed the memory of it. I still don’t "get" the use of chaps as a fashion item. What purpose do they serve, other than to add an extra-special dollop of fug to your outfit? Because the irony is that Victoria Beckham here would have been looking just fine in her jeans waistcoat (waistcoat! She’s wearing them with a waistcoat, in an unholy alliance of formalwear and …. chaps. Like she’s planning on riding to the Oil Baron’s Ball or something.)  has she not decided to throw a pair of attention-getting chaps over the top.

"Look at us!" they seem to cry. "We can turn any outfit into a crime of fashion!" Yes, chaps, you can. And although you can’t see it in this picture, I just bet the woman in the background is laughing her head off.

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