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Victoria Beckham unveils new dress collection at New York Fashion Week: what do you think of it?


(Click image to view full size)It’s a little bit surreal seeing Victoria Beckham’s name among the list of designers at, isn’t it? Surreal or not, though, Posh Spice is determined to prove herself as a designer, and to that end, she’s chosen New York Fashion Week to launch her new dress collection, seen above.

There aren’t many surprises in this collection, and if you’ve ever seen Victoria Beckham herself (and it would be hard to have missed her, let’s face it), you could probably have imagined what kind of thing she would come up with. Each dress could have been pulled from her own closet: it’s all pencil skirts and figure-hugging shapes, and you can easily imagine Victoria wearing every single one of them. Which is the whole point, we guess.

No surprises, then, as we say, but we actually like these dresses – especially the white one in the middle of the picture above, which is also available in black. No, they’re not the most exciting or original examples of design out there, but we’d wear ’em – or some of ’em at least. What about you?

(View the full collection here.)

P.S. – Victoria also unveiled a new hairdo at New York Fashion week – see a picture and tell us what you think over at Hey, Dollface!

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