Very, Very Irregular….

Irregularchoiceboots_2 A guest post by Lola Neopolitan of Fashion Poirot

I understand that the whole point of Irregular Choice is to provide offbeat, unusual shoes. But this is just going too far. Something about the texture of these boots remind me of dragons, of the menacing sort that populate the fantasy books that are so popular today. And not in a good way, either.

These boots verge on being frightening; I would be terrified to put my feet in them, for fear of having my toes chomped off. And, on a slightly more practical note, can you imagine what kind of outfit would look good with these? I’m not sure why they had to go with a tan sole, either. The bottom line is, wearing these would make you look like you had crocodiles on your feet. And I’m not talking about Crocs, either.

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