Veggies Footwear: Just like Crocs, also crimes of fashion


The current craze for plastic shoes with holes and fugly patterns has claimed another victim: that victim is Veggies Shoes, and as well as the paint-splattered look shown above, they also come in animal print, camouflage, with flower motifs, and in various other lurid colours. They are animal-friendly, which is fab, and they also claim to be "the softest shoes on earth", so as soon as we publish this article, we expect to get the usual deluge of comments telling us how "comfy" they are, as if this somehow excuses the fact that we’re looking at a pair of plastic gardening shoes here.

Veggies’ tagline is, "They’ll grow on you". The Fashion Police say: "We hope the hell not!"

(Props to The Shoe Goddess for alerting us to this crime of fashion)

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